On-line resources

Posted on Mar. 18, 2020

Online Resources you can check out if you’re looking for things to do with your children. Many websites for kids. Need to put in e-mail and you will be sent a pin.…

May 1 - Existing Kindergarten and 1/2 Day Preschool…

Posted on Mar. 3, 2020

On May 1 there will be no school only for existing Kindergarten students and 1/2 Day Preschool. Our Out of School Care Program (OSC) is not available for Kindergarten students on May 1.

Preschool and Kindergarten Important Dates

Posted on Mar. 2, 2020

March 12 - Registration Opens for current preschoolers: Please use the 2020-2021 Preschool and Kindergarten Re-Enrollment Form  Grade K-12 registration to public: Please use the 2020-2021 Grade K-12…

Thank You!!!!!

Posted on Jan. 10, 2020

Duclos School thanks the following sponsors for our Christmas Silent Auction donations: TOTAL RAISED WAS $3400! - Lakeland Variety - Naim Family/Mr. Mikes - Duclos/HEB Support Group Foundation - Copper…

Mabel's Label's Fundraiser

Posted on Jan. 7, 2020

Mabels Labels Fundraising The Duclos Fundraising Sub-Committee is hosting a fundraiser through Mabel’s Labels. Please visit the link below for more details on how you can continue to support Duclos…

Donate Your Bottles to Duclos School

Posted on Jan. 6, 2020

 Please donate your bottles! We now have a Bottle Depot account in Bonnyville. Your bottle donation will go right back to our students. Take your bottles to the depot and say that they are for the Duclos-H.E.B.…

FlipGive Fundraiser

Posted on Jan. 5, 2020

The Duclos Fundraising Sub Committee has a new way for everyone to help us raise money for our school! If you are doing any online shopping, please consider downloading the FlipGive app or shopping online…

Playground Payment Goal!

Posted on Jan. 4, 2020

Duclos is striving to raise $29, 007.15 to pay off our playground and are looking for assistance to aid us in this venture. Click here to learn how you can assist Duclos in reaching our goal!