Positive Behavior Supports

Positive Behavior Supports


Positive Behavior Supports for Duclos Students: “Be Respectful; Be Responsible; Be Safe”

At Duclos we have a positive social culture with common language, common experiences, and common vision and values. We believe in a school-wide positive behaviour support system.  With this approach we teach and address behaviours in a supportive way to preserve the dignity of children.  We seek to achieve social and academic success for all students.

The Duclos mantra, “SHINE!”,  is used daily with students as a teaching tool at school. It is a quick reminder for students, staff, family and visitors about what Duclos stands for and how we can all SHINE!

We also use moral intelligence activities to promote and teach important virtues such as respect, tolerance, kindness and many more. We focus on one virtue a month and this helps create a kind and caring community in our school and prepares our kids to be good citizens.

School Assembly

Each Monday at 8:48 our students gather for a school Assembly in the gymnasium. (This is cancelled until restrictions have been removed from the chief medical officer)

What takes place?

  • Classroom presentations with a moral intelligence message based on our school behaviour matrix and "The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to do the Right Thing" (Dr. Michele Borba, 2001).
  • School Announcements

  • Short moral intelligence themed videos/presentations

  • Messages from Buddy the Bulldog - our school mascot

  • special guest presentations - periodically

  • Recognition of students for special achievements such as winning a hockey tournament

  • student performances - upon request

  • Shining Star Awards are celebrated at the assembly every week. Shining Star Awards are given to students who demonstrate good behaviour or who perform good deeds. Once a month some lucky students have their names drawn and get to join our Principal for lunch.

  • We announce and celebrate the birthdays for the week! Each student with a birthday during the week of the assembly receive a birthday certificate and come to the front of the gym where we all sing happy birthday to our friends.

Student Advocacy Councelor Supports

Duclos School is happy to have the services of a Student Advocacy Counselor.  Our school counselor provides a wide range of counseling services for students and families, including individual counseling, student support groups, in class presentations, and consultations.  Our counselor takes an active role in school programs to support student leadership and positive behaviour by all students.  Please feel free to stop by, or call if you have any questions or concerns.