Health and Wellness

Monthly Focus: Mindfulness Moments

We all experience times where we could use a break and allow us time to reset our minds and focus on the task at hand. This month we would like to offer a few mindful moment skills that can provide you or your child an opportunity to step away from the busy world for a brief time and refocus.

Palm Squeeze- push palms together and hard as you can and count to 5, release. This can also be done against a wall (push hands as hard as you can against the wall) Really focus on how your arms, chest, shoulders fell while pushing.

Arm Squeezes:-starting at your wrist, take your other hand and give little pulse squeezes all the way up your arm until you reach your shoulder, then repeat back down your arm. Think about the pulses and how it feels on your arm. By doing this, your breathing will naturally follow.

Lemon Breathing- pretend like you are holding onto a lemon in each hand. As you breathe in visualize yourself squeezing the lemons as hard as you can. Focus solely on squeezing those lemons and slowly count to five. Release

Wall Pushes - stand about 1 ft away from a wall. Take both hands and push as hard as you can into the wall. Really focus on pushing as hard as you can and count to 5, release.

All skills can be repeated as needed during the day!

Moral Intelligence NEWS

March- (Empathy) Empathy means trying to put yourself in another person’s position and consider how you would feel if it were you. Having empathetic skills is an important tool for understanding the way another is feeling. When we practice empathy, we can make a difference to the lives of others.